What's on tap?

Our beers rotate based on seasonal availability as do our slushies (available every Friday)

*denotes gluten reduced beers 
+ denotes lactose

Rooster-8—Golden Rice Lager*
IBU: 21 ABV: 4.9%

Gold in color with a parchment, white head. Lightly sweet up front and then braced by a moderate hop bitterness. Low malt flavor. The medium-high carbonation keeps the beer crisp and easy drinking.

1st Formation—Pale Stout*
IBU: 21 ABV: 5%

English, brown tea in color, the aroma is rich with medium-roast coffee, chocolate and a light nut character, possibly macadamia. Malt sweetness gives way to the same coffee notes found in the aroma. Lower than expected carbonation allows the roast qualities to linger on the tongue.

Sniffle Gear—Cranberry-Orange Sour Ale*
IBU: 12 ABV: 6%

Pours a hazy, deep, rose gold color with a subtle head that dissipates. The aroma is of cranberry with ripe, orange citrus. Malt sweetness up front gives way to a moderate, sour, cranberry tartness, finished by a delicate navel orange flavor that washes the palate dry.

55/95 - Blood Orange Belgian
IBU: 24 ABV: 7.8%

The nose of this beer is spicy and heavy with blood orange. The mouthfeel is effervescent and washes over the palate leaving a light orange flavor, pleasant malt sweetness, and slight zest bitterness.

DMZ—Double Pale Ale*
IBU: 52 ABV: 7.5%

Dark amber in color with a tight, off-white head, the aroma is heavy with sweet, ripe pineapple, apricot and a citrus zest. The front of the palate is greeted with a mild bitterness that is quickly balanced by malt sweetness. The carbonation provides an overall lightness to the flavors.

Rampage – Mixed Berry Braggot*
IBU: 16 ABV: 8.1%

Golden in color with a tight, off-white head, the aroma has notes of sage, grapefruit and passion fruit with and underlying biscuity, malt quality. A light, malt sweetness greets the front of the palate giving way to a polite bitterness that’s washed by the medium carbonation, leaving a hint of a strawberry-like hop flavor.

Pogey Bait – Strawberry Blonde Ale+
IBU: 21 ABV: 7%

Pours a hazy, rose-gold color with a delicate, pink-tinged, white head. The aroma is heavy with ripe, wild strawberries. Malt flavors are subdued allowing the mild, strawberry flavor to the forefront.

Baron von Steuben—Marzen*
IBU: 24 ABV: 6.1%

Light, amber-orange color with a tight, off-white head, the aroma is a clean yet elegant blend of rich and toasty bread crust with an underlying stone fruit character from the yeast. The flavor is distinctively malty up front giving the beer a sweet impression with bready notes but finishes moderately dry, leaving a complex malt flavor on the palate.

0748—American Strong Ale*
IBU: 77 ABV: 8.75%

Pours a burnt amber color like a hazy sunset with a frothy, café au lait colored head that clings to the inside of the glass. The aroma is a malty blend of honey with stone fruit with an undertone of citrus hoppiness. The flavor is lightly sweet and fruity with hints of bread and an alcohol warmth.

Box of Rockets—N.E.I.P.A.*
IBU: 31 ABV: 6.9%

Pours a hazy, amber/orange color with a tight off-white head that refuses to fade due to the oats used in the brewing. The aroma is pungent with grapefruit/orange citrus and under-ripe guava that also finds itself in the flavor of the beer. The mouthfeel is smooth, kept palatable by the moderate carbonation.

Sing Second—Sweet Stout *+
IBU: 31 ABV: 5.6%

A delightful aroma of chocolate, roast barley and sweet cream. The flavor is malty up front with notes of dark cherry and lactose sweetness ultimately giving way to milk chocolate and a roastiness on the back of the tongue. A good winter drinker on those early, dark nights.

Operation Don Ho - P.O.G. Seltzer
ABV: 4.8%

Locally made seltzer from water to fermentation. Using filtered Fountain Creek sourced water, Saison yeast, and all natural fruit extracts, this seltzer gives way to the Hawiian flavors of passion fruit, orange, and guava.

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